Wednesday, 12 October 2011



This is a blessing and a wonderful day for me. May 16th is the national teachers’ day. I was presented a gift by my students who feel they were indebted to me for my deed. Although the gift is not expensive, but I was so move by the students action. It was not to carried by hand and not be able to put in a glassed cabinet. But the emotional movement was remembered forever.
 这三个学生领着班上的同学齐心为我唱出他们的感恩之心。啊,这真是我向着杏坛迈进的推动力呀!The three students led her classmates sing their song for all of us. And this is really the driving force behind my move toward my endeavor among these students.
这童稚之声是我心中的天籁之音!谢谢你们,我亲爱的学生!因着你们的歌声,我答应自己要更用心教导你们。大家一起努力吧!This childish voice is soothing my mind! Thank you, my dear students! Because of your singing, I promised myself to teach you more intention. Let’s we all work together!